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COVID-19 Updates & Protocols

To our Amazing Guests…
We hope that when you enter our salon home, you will feel exceptionally safe, as if you were in your own home, by following these simple steps below:


What to expect:

  • Masks are mandatory upon entry

  • Only customers receiving services will be allowed in the salon.

  • Please enter only at the EXACT time of your appointment. Not sooner or later.

  • Temperature will be checked and hands must be washed upon entering.


  • Making an appointment is mandatory as we are not allowed to take walk in appointments

  • We will be booking appointments only 8 weeks a time. 

  • Cancellations: Please visit our "Salon Policy" page.


  • Your team will need 15 extra minutes to fully sanitized and/or disinfected between each client. 

Temporarily removing the following:

  • No Waiting area (we will have a nice waiting area outside/in front of our salon)

  • Please come in light. There is not an area for guests to safely store any items.

  • No Magazines 

  • No T-shirts to change into

  • No Beverages & snacks. 

We have upgraded:

  • Medical Grade Air filtration system (HEPA/H13) to clean and remove air borne particles around us.

  • Each station will have a phone UV sanitizer waiting for you (it will also charge your phone for you!).

  • Masks are available for every guest.

This page will continue to change as we continue to follow our CDC/Alameda County Guidelines. Thank you so much.

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