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Update 5/1/2020:

Due to Shelter In Place

Our salon is closed until July 13th (or later).

We thank you so much for your patience!

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Let's Get Our Hands Dirty and Talk About It.

(Just kidding- please wash your foxing hands, por favor)

What Can You Expect From Our Salon?

At Fox and Belle Salon, our top priority had always been the health and wellness of those around us. 


On February 28,  we held an emergency "Team Gathering" in our salon to discuss what Covid-19 was. Reminder: At this time, Covid-19 only had FOURTEEN cases in the whole UNITED STATES- it didn't even hit Berkeley yet! But because our salon takes great pride in the safety of our team, guest or community, we didn't wait for Covid-19 to be a classified pandemic, (weeks later), to take action. We were already taking preventive measures to maintain a clean and sanitize atmosphere for each guest entering our salon home.

We have always practiced great salon and personal hygiene -- not just during this public health emergency, but always. Your health matters to us, now and always.

We know there is growing concern as the outbreak and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve. Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of the communities we serve, has always been a top priority, and is especially critical at this time.

You can always rely on us to keep things clean. We have passed every inspection done by The State of California Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. They show up unannounced, to make sure every salon is up to code and following all safety and healthy sanitary regulations. Not only do we pass without citations, but the inspectors always compliment us on how clean we are. We will do our best to continue to uphold those standards and maintain our flawless record for our salon, guests, community and families, now and always. Thank you for trusting us.


How Our Salon Plans To Keep Things Clean

What We Can Expect From Our Guests

Peace of Mind and a Good Hair Experience

Image by The Honest Company

The facility, including the waiting area, personal stations, receptionist area, restroom, shampoos bowls, door handles, are wiped down DAILY.

All of our combs are submerged into a virucide disinfectant container for over an hour before we clean and dry them.

Shears and clippers are sprayed down after every use.


Rosemary Sprig

Each team member washes their hand and wipes down their station and hand mirror between EVERY single guest. 

We have two different soaps at each of our sinks for your hand washing choice  (Aveda’s Rosemary Mint and Fresh Citrus Anti-bacteria Soft Soap).

Hand sanitizers are place in the waiting area upon entry and receptionist desk, before exiting. 


Cleaning Sink

The facility is wiped and sprayed down every night with an environmentally cautious EPA registered disinfectant. It is safe for animals, humans and environment, while killing off 99.9% of germs and flu viruses.

All towels, robes, shirts, drapes and aprons go through extra sanitization process. 

Image by Laura Olsen

How To Reschedule

You can book, modify or cancel your appointment anytime by using our online booking system (link below).  You can also call or email us as well.


Elbow bump. New novel greeting to avoid

Hands and Elbows

We will ask each guest who enters our salon home, to please thoroughly wash their hands upon settling in.


Hello! As a greeting, we will do "elbow high fives" instead of our typically hug or handshake with our guests! Hello guests! Goodbye Virus! (We paid $3 for this photo, so we must make it worthwhile now- elbow high five!*

Image by Kelly Sikkema

When To Cancel

If you have been traveling or been sick, please allow 14-18 days before making or attending any hair appointments. 


If you or those around you have been feeling under weather, please take this time to rest and recover at home.  Any guests who show signs of being sick, will immediately be rescheduled.

Image by NeONBRAND

Cancellation Policy

We are waiving any cancellation policy fees until April 30th, if our guest needs to cancel. Please stay home if you may be experiencing any symptoms or worried that you’ve been exposed. 


We do expect to be notified at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time. Please just let us know immediately- we will understand.



We will continue to do our best to to keep our team, guests, community and family healthy! We will get through this together as a community.