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Fox Shop Opens + Future Scheduling + DIY Hair at home (safely)!

Fox shop opens at noon on Easter Sunday!

We do hope that you love them, all the items in our Fox Shop. We hope it brightens up your day when you look at them.

We appreciate you shopping with us! And thank you so much for your support. All feedbacks are appreciated and welcomed anytime!

Rescheduling Guests:

For currently guests that have been on our schedule since March 17:

We miss you. So much. Each day that passes, means we are getting closer to seeing you again.

We are so thankful for you guys, because we know some of you may have booked your appointment since November of 2019. We appreciate your wait and patience during this time, as we are uncertain when the salon will be open again. Since we have rescheduled all our clients at least once already, our salon decided as a team, to temporarily freeze our schedule completely, until we know exactly when the salon will certainly be open again.

Until then, if you have an appointment with us coming up, please know that we will help you reschedule it, once we know when the salon will certainly be open again. Although our city officials assume the date could be June, that is still uncertain. For that reason, instead of rescheduling guests numerous times, we will just wait until we know for sure when we will be open.

There may be protocols that are required before we open again, that may conflict with our scheduling, (number of persons allowed to work at the same time, spacing out the salon, etc). Once we have that information and now that our salon can be set up for success and meets all health protocols, we will reach out to all of our guests ONE week before we open up again. So we ask for your understanding, as this is very difficult for your team as well. We will do our best to get you back onto our schedules in a timely but safe manner.

For guests who would like to get into our schedules but are not currently booked:

We want to thank you so much for your interest and patience as well. Because times are untelling, we cannot add anymore clients onto our schedules, only to move them again, and again. That would be unfair to you and our existing guests on schedule. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

It's sort of like...adding more cars to the freeway, knowing that there is a major "bumper-to-bumper", TRAFFIC jam already happening. First, we want to help the current vehicles move along safely to their destination, and when everything is smooth sailing, we would love to welcome you guys on! That way, we can be stress-free and do our best to service all our guests! We truly have your best interest so please hang in there with us! We are still here for you.

Once the salon is officially opened back up again, so will our online booking. We can wait to see you and and Thank you so much for your patience!


Your team has been busy and productive since our "shelter-in-place". We've been taking a lot of online hair and business courses daily. We even got certified with many companies, so that when we come back to work, we are going be as sharp as our shears!

We meet (virtually) almost weekly, to touch bases with one another. We go over our personal goals, our salon goals and share little things that can help each other continue to grow or feel supported during this time. So let's talk about what we can do to SUPPORT YOU!


Some of our guests have asked us for our professional opinion about DIY coloring and cutting. We want to let you guys know that those questions are absolutely WELCOMED AND APPRECIATED by your team. We WANT for you guys to feel comfortable to ask us. We want to give you the best advice possible, and even guide you through it if possible.

For color, we have been referring our guests to Madison Reed. We also help our guests color match their with the current formula that we use for their hair. Will it match perfectly? Maybe not, but it's better than trying to do it on your own, and your hair might turn too red or green (which is happening!). Don't do it on your own. Reach out to us- we can assist you ok!

For cuts: We have referred some of our guests to clean up their necklines using Wahl trimmers. So much goes into doing this correctly so please just reach out to us. We know your hair best so we can guide your through it best!

If there are any questions about anything at all, let us know. We can do an online tutorial for you guys. Or, just hang in there- we will take care of you once this is all over. But if you choose the DIY- please let us know first ok! No judgements here! We want the best for you.