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Are you getting ready to tie the knot or going to a party tonight? Allow us to make get you ready! (Blowout not included). For more information,  please visit our "Bridal" Page.

  • Blowout in salon only (45min)

  • Bridal Hair (90 min)

  • Party Hair (45 min)

  • Travel (+$100)




Our signature haircuts include your hair wash and blow out.

If you have thick, dense, longer or curly hair that may require more time, please request to extend your services time so that we can best personalize your haircut needs.

  • New Haircuts (75 min)

  • Haircuts (60 min)



$120-190 AN HOUR

Big makeovers, color corrections, global bleaching, removing existing hair dye color, unpredictable hair and fantasy colors will all fall into the same category as "Hourly Services".


These services are hourly because they do not have a predictable finish result and more time is required to keep the healthy and to its ideal result.

All hourly service includes: One on one time with hair artist. Unlimited color and services required for the goal. Olaplex treatment and haircut if requested.




​Highlights are selected strands of hair,  weaved out in consistent pattern and placed into a foil. Highlight color is consistent from roots to ends. 


It can lighten hair up to 7 levels of lift per session.

It is best paired with a "root shadow" service should you wish to be lower maintenance with a more natural look at the roots.


All dark hair will require a gloss toner service, as highlights can lift raw and orange. A gloss toner will neutralize the unwanted tone and provide more shine and ideal color for the hair.


  • Surface Highlights (1.5 hour)

    • Face frame + Surface Top 

  • Partial Highlights  (2 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides

  • Full Highlights       (2.5 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides  Back + Nape

  • Heavy Highlights   (+3.5 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides  Back + Nape (big change)

Who a highlight might be wonderful for: 

  • Enjoys consistent color from roots to ends

  • Enjoys being on the lighter side

  • Enjoys any color spectrum, including cool/ashy/netural/warm tones.

  • Enjoys having any type of haircut, as a full highlight can work work any type of haircut.

  • Healthy hair

Who is NOT a good candidate for highlights:

  • Unhealthy hair

  • Low maintenance guest who cannot commit to taking extra time to take care of their new hair.

  • Low maintenance guest who will not use color safe, moisturizing bonding hair products. 

  • Has a long history of dark or uneven hair color




"Balayage" is painting technique which selects ribbons of hair to lighten. It has a gradient blend and a natural sunkissed look. 


It can lighten hair up to 4 levels of lift per session.

It is often paired with a "gloss toner" if a warm tone is not ideal for guest OR if a guest has a specific hair color in mind.  

Balayage painted heavily from the bottom, as it gently sweeps towards the top. It starts darker at the roots and gets lighter towards the ends. As a result, it has more warmth and dimension at the top.

  • Surface Balayage (1.5 hour)

    • Face frame + Surface Top 

  • Partial Balayage  (2.5 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides

  • Full Balayage      (3 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides  Back + Nape

  • Ombre Balayage   (+4 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides  Back + Nape (big change)

Who a balayage might be wonderful for: 

  • Low maintenance lifestyle and can enjoy hair growing out for +6 months before a touch up

  • Enjoys a natural looking color

  • Enjoys a warm sun-kissed color

  • Enjoys seeing a gradient color, starting darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends.

  • Has long layers, bob, one length haircut

Who is NOT a good candidate for balayage:

  • Enjoys seeing color start directly from the scalp

  • Enjoys one consistent color from root to ends

  • Enjoys ashy or cool tones only

  • Has really short layered hair, shags, shullets, bixies and mullets.




Looking to freshen up your look? 

Whether you are seeking a gentle gloss or long term color, our professional team can help you 

  • Root Touchup (1.5 hour)

    • Single color application on the roots. done with a permanent color. Roots must be less than one inch long (6-8 weeks).

  • Root Shadow  (2 hr)

    • Root shadow is a darker demi-permanent toner applied at the roots to create a softer/gradient blend. Paired with a highlights/balayage service for lower maintenance and natural look.

  • Gloss Toner   (2.5 hr)

    • A sheer demi/semi permanent color, used to correct/neutralize/change existing color. It is gentle, shiny and conditioning.. It will soften the color but will not make your hair lighter.

  • All Over Color   (+3.5 hr)

    • ​​​Face frame + Surface Top + Sides  Back + Nape (big change)

      • Single color application on the roots. Roots must be less than one inch long (6-8 weeks).

Bridal Makeup


Not offered in our salon during this time as we are still a fully masked salon. 


Make ups services can be offered to offsite locations with our independent artist, Marilyn Nguyen. Please visit our "Bridal" page for more information.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 11.33.48



All new installs includes hair wefts, customized color selection and haircut to blend, with Vichida Malonzo. Consultation required. Here is a general base price for hand tied wefts. Coloring hair & hair extensions are not included.

 # of Hair  Rows    One       Two       Three

  • 18 inches ($1000/$1500/$2000)

  • 22 inches ($1500/2000/$2500)



 Olaplex system includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.


Please visit "Meet Our Team" for more information and pricing on each artist!

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