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Launching Gift Boxes!

Our salon wants to thank you so much for your constant support. We love your random weekly messages and giggles that you share with us during this quarantine. It truly brightens our day.

Many guests have been asking how they can support us during this time, and if they can buy gift cards (SO NICE!!) Honestly, we would actually really appreciate if you can write a review for us on (YELP or GOOGLE ). That can really make a huge impact for our business when we come back. Another thing is, the reviews makes us happy. On bad days like these, when we can't be our best selves or provide our best work, we can still be reminded that our wonderful guests appreciates and loves our work. It will help us carry on stronger, much longer, (hopefully not too long!) during this quarantine.

We really cannot wait to see everyone again. The team is doing good (trying to maintain our sanity and taking online hair courses) . We've been having virtuals meeting every week, so we can stay on tip top shape when the salon opens again. We cannot wait to head back into our salon home and give everyone a virus-free hug and to give you good looking hair again.

We have some fun plans to launch CARE BOXES in the next few weeks. It will help you maintain your good looks during this time!

Here is few sneak peaks:

-Handmade Soy candles by me, Judy!

-Beauty Emergency Kits or Self Care Boxes: Loaded with our favorite products and beauty essentials

-Hats: For our current "many and plenty" bad hair days

-Gift Cards: Safe and secure via Square Software

So finally, with the request from our guests, we have decided launch gift cards options for purchase. Link Below :)

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and loving to us, always. Whether it is a written review, a purchase of hair product, care boxes or gift card purchase or even a warm hello, we are always thankful for your thoughts and love.

Click here to access our Gift Card portal

Click here to write a review on our YELP or GOOGLE page :)

For our current guests in our schedule, we thank you for your patience as we will be reaching out to everyone again, to reschedule everyone in a timely matter. This may take us a week to do, because we want to be considerate of everyone's time and schedule preference.

We are FREEZING our online booking system, so that we can take care of our the guests that are currently on our schedule first. Afterwards, when the salon is officially open again, ee will welcome everyone to book their appointments with us again! We thank you for your patience and we will be in touch soon! Wishing you all great health during this time!

Hairy and Ugly (Cavewoman), but Most Importantly, Virus-Free!

-Judy with Fox and Belle Salon

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